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Tricep Exercises

CrossToner provides numerous ways to target the tricep muscles, and most are variations of our tricep extension, one of the best tricep toner exercises you can get.

This exercise develops and strengthens the tricep muscles, and often works shoulder muscles as well, particularly the deltoids, and even chest / pec muscles.

Tricep Extension


Tricep Extension

Cable Tricep Extension


Tricep Extension (cable machine)

Muscles of the Arm (rear) 

The following illustration provides details of the tricep brachii muscle. CrossToner tricep workouts uniquely target the complete tricep muscle for a great arm tricep toning workout.

Tricep Muscle Diagram

Strengthening tricep muscles is critical in or to achieve the best looking arms as possible. That’s because the triceps are actually a larger group than biceps.

Looking at the diagram above, there are three parts that make up the Triceps Brachii muscle. The two main parts are the Lateral head brachii, which provides that muscle protrusion out the outside of the arm, and the long head, which runs down the back of the arm. The medial head is mostly covered by the lateral and long heads, and provides elbow stability.

The CrossToner Tricep Extension exercises targets all three muscles.

Full Video Demonstration


While standing, sitting in a chair or sitting on the floor, place a short handle under right arm (for right tricep). With CrossToner stabilized on the chair or right leg, place right hand on top outer short handle. Slowly press forward on short handle until long handles touch.

Hold for 1 second, then slowly release the far handle back to the starting position.

Repeat 8-12 times.

Move CrossToner over to left arm, setup as before, and repeat set for left tricep.

Always inspect your resistance bands before use. Do not use any bands that show any signs of wear or tear. Refer to your user manual for important safety information.


Bow and Arrow
Grab both short handles so that long handles are point to sky. Hold left arm out so that right handle is close to right shoulder. Keep left arm stationary and pull back on right handle. Hold and release.

Seated Tricep Pump
While seated, place CrossToner on lap, perpendicular to the floor, so that the long handles are facing to the right, for right arm exercise. Hold the left short handle that’s resting on your left leg with your left hand to stabilize, then grab the top right log handles with right hand. Slowly push down with right arm while keep elbow still. Slowly release.

Centered Tricep push
Hold CrossToner upright perpendicular to chest with left hand on a the short handle closest to chest. Hold to chest. Grasp outer short handle with right hand. Push out, fully extended. Hold and slowly release. 

Standing Tricep push
Using a table or counter as support, place CrossToner against the table surface so that one CrossToner arm is resting on the table and the CrossToner is perpendicular to the table. Hold the short handle that’s touching the table with left hand, keep right elbow against torso and at a 90deg angle. Press down on upper CrossToner arm’s long handle with right hand, keeping the elbow close to your torso. Release slowly.

Tricep – Overhead Elbow Extension
Same as standard tricep extension, only hold CrossToner on shoulder with long handles pointed out in front. The motion will be similar to a basketball shot follow through. Hold the left (stationary) short handle on shoulder. Grasp the moving short handle with right hand. Extend out. Release slowly.

One legged standing tricep/core crunch
While standing, lift right knee up to waist level so right thigh is parallel to ground. Place toner in alternate tricep position. Press long handle down towards right knee while holding thigh parallel. Works tricep, core and glute.

Alternating versions
For any exercise where it’s quick and easy to switch to the opposite arm, simply alternate arms every one or two reps for an extra cardio boost.


Tricep Extension with a Power Squat or Lunge
Combine a tricep extension exercise variations with a squat or lunge during each repetition for a super intense workout of arms and legs.

Compare to these traditional tricep exercises

How does CrossToner stack up against these traditional methods as a tricep toner?

CrossToner has a few advantages over these traditional tricep exercises.

Compared to resistance band and cable extensions, CrossToner has a more even resistance curve throughout the length of the motion. In addition, it would take 11 different sets of resistance tubing to achieve the number of resistance levels as the CrossToner.

Compared to dumbbells and machines, CrossToner is ultra light weight and portable. You can’t lug a tricep machine around, and taking a set of dumbbells with you is not practical!


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