Workouts / Upper back (Trapezius)

Trapezius Exercises

The CrossToner trap squeeze exercise targets the upper and mid trapezius of the upper back. This is a truly unique exercise for CrossToner, since very few machines exist to target the upper traps in this specific fashion.

In addition to the trapezius, this exercise also works the posterior (rear) deltoids.

CrossToner Trap Squeeze Demo Video


Shoulder Press

Isometric Shoulder Squeeze with Dumbbell


Isometric Shoulder Squeeze

Muscles of the Upper Back

The following illustration provides details of the upper back muscles targeted by the CrossToner trap squeeze, specifically the trapezius, and to a lesser extend the rear deltoid. CrossToner uniquely targets numerous muscles with each exercise.

Upper Back Muscles

Traditional the trapezius muscles have been difficult to target and thus are often overlooked in workouts. However, our trap squeeze exercise takes full advantage of the patented “push-pull” capabilities of the CrossToner.

Whether you hold the unit upright or upside down, the inward pressing motion coupled with a tight shoulder blade squeeze will give your upper back a very effective workout with minimal effort. This specialized trapezius workout will leave you with a sculpted upper back in no time.

How-To Video


Hold CrossToner behind head by both long handles such that short handles face upward, or optionally downward. Slowly compress long handles until they touch directly behind neck, while simultaneously squeezing your shoulder blades together.  Make sure that your elbows are angled slightly to the front for maximum shoulder comfort and minimal joint strain.

Hold for 1 second. Slowly release.

Repeat 8-12 times.


Alternate Grip Trap Squeeze
Same as standard CrossToner trap squeeze shown above, except grip the long handles so that the short handles are facing down. This alternate grip places the wrists in a slightly different position, which may be more comfortable for some.

Lateral Raise Trap Squeeze
Grasp short handles with long handles pointing up, and hold CrossToner out in front with arms extended. Keep elbows tucked in and touching your sides throughout the exercise. Rotate short handles out and up while simultaneously squeezing shoulder blades together. Hold, then slowly release. If elbows are tucked properly, your CrossToner will be lowered slightly as you extend the handles outward.

Want a lower body workout too? Add in a Power Squat move for each rep!


Trap Squeeze with Power Squat or Lunge
Combine the trap squeeze press exercise with a squat or lunge during each repetition for a super intense workout of the upper back and the legs.

Compare to these traditional trapezius strengthening exercises

How does CrossToner stack up against these traditional methods?

CrossToner has a few advantages over these traditional trapezius exercises.

Compared to the cable machine, dumbbell and kettlebell exercises, CrossToner has the distinct advantage of portability, since it’s ultra light weight. First, you can’t lug a fitness machine around with you, and second, dumbbells and kettlebells aren’t very portable, either.

Compared to using resistance bands, CrossToner has a more controlled range of motion, coupled with an even resistance curve throughout the length of the motion.  Looking specifically at a comparison to resistance bands, it would take 11 different sets of conventional resistance bands to achieve the number of resistance levels as the CrossToner.


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