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Lat Pulldown Exercises

The CrossToner lat pulldown exercise works a variety of muscles in the back, shoulders and arms, and mimics the “close grip” lat pulldown machine exercise.

Specifically, this exercise targets the latissimus dorsi muscle, the large muscle that wraps the lower and mid section of the back. In addition, the upper back, rear shoulder and bicep muscles are engaged. Like most CrossToner exercises, the lat pulldown can be performed sitting or standing.

CrossToner Lat Pulldown


Lat Pulldown

Close Grip Lat Pulldown


Lat Pulldown Machine

Muscles of the Back and Rear Shoulders

The following illustration provides details of the back muscles and rear shoulder muscles. CrossToner uniquely targets numerous muscles in each exercise.

Back and Shoulder Muscles

A strong back requires targeting the various muscles of the back and rear shoulders. Looking at the diagram above, you see the highlighted muscles targeted by the CrossToner Lat Pulldown:  the lattimus dorsi, or lats, the lower/mid trapezius, the posterior (rear) deltoid, and the group of rear shoulder muscles consisting of the teres major, teres minor, and infraspinatus muscles.

The CrossToner lat pulldown has a very natural feel due to the contour of the unit’s arms that rests comfortably on your shoulder. Coupled with the full range of motion, the result is a fantastic back and shoulder workout.


How-To Video


Place CrossToner on right shoulder (for right pull down) such that curved center is resting on shoulder and long handles are facing forward. Hold lower long handle with left hand for stability. Grasp upper long handle and slowly pull down until it touches lower long handle, making sure to use your left arm and hand to keep the CrossToner from moving around or rotating across your shoulder.

Hold for 1 second. Slowly release.

Repeat 8-12 times.


Alternating Pulldowns
Same as standard CrossToner lat pulldown except alternate arms every one or two reps.

Want a lower body workout too? Add in a Power Squat move for each rep!



Lat Pulldowns with Power Squat or Lunge
Combine the lat pulldown exercise with a squat or lunge during each repetition for a super intense workout of back, shoulders and legs

Compare to these traditional back and shoulder exercises

How does CrossToner stack up against these traditional methods?

CrossToner has a few advantages over these traditional back and shoulder exercises.

Compared to the traditional pulldown machines exercises, CrossToner is ultra light weight and portable. You can’t lug a fitness machine around with you!

Compared to using resistance bands, CrossToner has a more controlled range of motion, coupled with even resistance curve throughout the length of the motion.  Looking specifically at a comparison to resistance bands, it would take 11 different sets of conventional resistance bands to achieve the number of resistance levels as the CrossToner.

Some images courtesy Adobe.


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