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Inner Thigh Press

For strengthening and firming the inner thighs, the CrossToner inner thigh press is a great exercise. It’s a safe and effective way to strengthen adductor muscles of the inner thighs and hips, and is much simpler than traditional hip adductor machines and resistance band exercises that target the same muscles.

Inner Thigh Press


Inner Thigh Press

Thigh & Hip Adductor Machine


Abductor Machine

Adductor Muscles – Inner Thighs and Hips

The following illustration provides details of the adductor, pectineus and gracilis muscles. CrossToner uniquely targets these specific muscles with this exercise.

Adductor Muscles

Hip adductors are used primarily for bringing thighs together and for the movement of the upper leg inward. This group of muscles also provides hip flexion.  

Looking at the diagram above, you’ll see three adductor muscles responsible for hip adduction: the adductor brevis, adductor longus, and the adductor magnus. In addition, the gracilis and pectineus also contribute to adduction movements. The CrossToner inner thigh press exercise expressly targets all of these highlighted muscles, and can be combined with other movements to incorporate even more muscles. 

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While sitting in chair or on the floor, spread knees apart and place long handles of CrossToner up against inner thighs. Slowly press knees towards each other until long handles are touching each other.

Hold for 1 second, then slowly release.

Repeat 8-12 times.

Always inspect your resistance bands before use. Do not use any bands that show any signs of wear or tear. Refer to your user manual for important safety information.


Floor Variation
Same as the standard CrossToner inner thigh press, except you’re seated on the floor.

Seated Feet Press
While seated on the floor, grasp both short handles and point long handles to feet. Place feet against outside of respective handles. Move feet together, assisting as needed with arms. Hold for 1 second, then slowly release.

Chair Pose
Same as the standard CrossToner inner thigh press, only this variation is performed while standing, with knees slightly bent. In yoga, it’s know as the chair pose because it resembles a posture you’d be in as you just start to sit down in a chair.

While in the chair pose, grab CrossToner by the short handles and place long handles between your thighs, just above the knees. Slowly move knees together until long handles are touching each other. Hold for 1 second, then slowly release.

Skiers Pose
Same as the Chair Pose, except you’ll be in a lower “squat” position. This variation targets the entire set glute and thigh muscles. 


Inner Thigh Press with Leg Lift
While seated in a chair, perform the inner thigh press exercises while holding feet off ground. ADVANCED – also pull knees up and away from chair. Also called “V-sit”. These are serious core crunchers! This exercise works core in addition to inner thighs.

Chair Pose/Skiers Pose with Power Squat 
Combine a chair pose or skiers pose exercise variation with a squat during each repetition for a super intense workout of virtually the entire lower body.

Inner Thigh Press with Ab Crunch
Lie on floor / mat, flat on your back, feet on ground, knees bent, in a traditional floor / abdominal crunch position. Spread knees apart and place long handles of CrossToner up against inner thighs. Begin an ab crunch motion by using your abs to lift your head and shoulders up and towards your knees. At the same time, use your adductors to press the long handless together while using your hands to stabilize the CrossToner. Hold for 1 second, then slowly release your legs outward  as you lower your head back down to the floor.

Alternate “Single Crunch” version:   Hold your head and shoulders up the entire time while you do a full set of reps with your legs.

Compare to these traditional abductor exercises

How does CrossToner stack up against these traditional methods?

CrossToner has a few advantages over these traditional abductor exercises.

Compared to the resistance band and ankle weights, CrossToner has variable resistance built in. So, it would take multiple sets of resistance bands / ankle weights to provide similar variable resistance levels as the CrossToner.

Compared to the abductor machines, CrossToner is ultra light weight and portable. You can’t lug a fitness machine around, and you probably don’t have one in your home, so you need to go to the gym to take advantage of them.


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