Universal Gym – Redefined

CrossToner Bicep Curl

Sometimes history repeats itself. And, sometimes it’s for the better.

The Original Universal Gym

It is a great story. Harold Zinkin, a Muscle Beach, California body builder in the early 1960’s created the “weight machine” to bring strength training to inexperienced users, changing the whole fitness industry. Sold under the brand of the Universal Gym (now owned by Nautilus)the weight machine freed novice users of the risks and hazards of using free weights – improper form, dropping weights or dumbbells, and the space requirements of a full gym.

The original Universal Gym incorporated stations for eight or ten different exercises in a single large frame. Often these units included non-weight exercise stations, such as a chin-up bar or a slant board for sit-ups. It was compact and gave athletes and gyms a workout comparable to free weights in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the space. Suddenly, fitness and weight training became available to the masses.

Athletic and exercise venues of all sorts – schools, colleges, YMCAs, private gyms (such as the Vic Tanny chain), and professional sports teams – acquired Universal Gym machines to supplement or replace free weights.

Reinventing the Universal Gym

CrossToner, with the introduction of our new personal portable exercise equipment hopes to do the same. We hope to repeat history in a “small, compact, and exciting way.” After years of research, design, and test marketing, the CrossToner is quickly gaining adoption and becoming the next “Universal Gym”.

With its compact size and engineered resistance bands that offer numerous weight options, CrossToner literally is the next version of the Universal Gym.  With CrossToner you can exercise your upper body, legs, arms, and literally any body part – exercises are as diverse as your imagination.

Over the upcoming months, we hope to introduce you to the CrossToner, provide insights into how we designed it and all of it’s great engineered capability, give you some workout ideas, discuss the health benefits of fitness, and provide you with other topics as we bring a whole new level and accessibility to workout and exercise.

Workout With CrossToner

We hope our’s to be as great a story as Harold’s. We hope you join us on this adventure – “Fit for the rest of us.”

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