The World’s First and Only Handheld Universal Gym

Introducing the CrossToner, the personal, portable fitness machine. The CrossToner is a lightweight, multi-purpose resistance trainer that harnesses the strength of CT Power Bands™ to generate force against which muscles are exercised and developed. Because of the revolutionary design, the CrossToner offers a Multitude of resistance training options including the upper body, arms, abs, legs, and more. The CrossToner is extremely versatile and can help you achieve a wide variety of training goals. By utilizing power bands, the user can can control the amount of resistance across a wide range, from light toning to heavier, rock-hard muscle building. The CT Power Bands are the key to fast, effective fitness development and strength training.
The CrossToner
Designed and Engineered in the USA


  • Strengthening and Toning
  • Use at home, office, hotel room, and more!
  • Great for physical therapy / rehab
  • Perfect warm-up machine for athletic activities
  • Seamlessly integrates with other exercise routines

The CrossToner
Easily fits into a carry-on

Innovative Design

  • Curved design fits comfortably over legs and shoulders
  • Lightweight – The CrossToner weights less than 2 lbs.
  • Low Impact, Compact Range of Motion – reduces the risk of injury compared to bulky fitness machines and free weights.
  • Self Contained – Everything needed for a full body workout
  • Easy to take apart so you can take it anywhere

The CrossToner
Designed and Engineered in the USA

High-tech Strength Bands

  • Engineered Resistance Band System features high-endurance, synthetic rubber design
  • Multi-colored bands with light, medium, and heavy resistance levels
  • Round design allows bands to easily slide in and out of the mounting slots
  • Strong enough for a body builder, yet perfect for grandma, too!

Commercial-Grade Handles

CrossToner Grips
CrossToner Comfort Padded Grips
  • Thick added handles provide firm, comfortable gripping surface
  • Features the same rugged foam material found on expensive commercial gym equipment
  • Easy to clean and maintain
To see just some of the exercises you can do with CrossToner, check out the VIDEOS!